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Nikon 127x89x3mm SS 2BB Hinges

  • Technical Specification
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Technical Specification

Model 127 x 89 x 3mm 2 Balls Bearings Hinges
Application Suitable for Timber & Metal Doors installation
Operation ✓ Fixed pin hinges available in a range of sizes, materials and finishes
✓ Included in this range are hinges incorporating with or without ball bearings
Tickness 3mm
Material Stainless Steel
Finishes Satin Stainless Steel
Desktop color Capacity per Hinges: 37 – 46kg
Desktop color ✓ Compliance to EN1935:2002
✓ Compliance to SS332: 2007
Remark Typically, conventional doors in normal situation are <2400mm in height and invariably call for 3 hinges per leaf.

Hinge Number

Door Height Number
<1500mm 2
<2400mm 3
<2900mm 4
<3400mm 5
<3900mm 6